Home Events New tram cars will start arriving in the Ulyanovsk region in September 2020
New tram cars will start arriving in the Ulyanovsk region in September 2020

On August 22, the delegation of the Ulyanovsk region headed by the Governor Sergei Morozov visited the Nevsky Electric Transport Plant in St. Petersburg. At the moment, the company, which is part of PC Transport Systems, is assembling trams for Ulyanovsk.

“The scale of production at the Nevsky Electric Transport Plant is impressive. Today we took part in tests of finished tram cars, saw how trams are checked for tightness, how finished cars are tested under high voltage. I personally took the first tram "Lion", which will soon leave for Ulyanovsk. This is a modern electric vehicle that will become a comfortable means of transportation for the residents of the region. The topic of renewing public transport has long been ripe, and we are gradually addressing this issue. Last year, 100 medium-capacity buses were purchased. This year we continue to update our rolling stock. 29 new tram cars and 70 buses will be purchased. The agreement signed today will allow starting the replacement of old trams in Ulyanovsk in the fall. I would like to express my gratitude to the PC Transport Systems team, which has built an effective process for the prompt assembly of urban electric transport, ”said the head of the region.

Within the framework of the event, a solemn ceremony of signing a contract between the State Transport Leasing Company and MUP Ulyanovskelectrotrans, according to which 29 new single-section trams 71-911 EM "Lion" will arrive in Ulyanovsk, took place. The first batch of "Lion" will arrive in Ulyanovsk in September 2020. In general, the delivery of rolling stock will last until December 29, 2020.

 “We have already started production, the deadlines for fulfilling the contract are quite tight, but we are no stranger to working in this mode,” comments Feliks Vinokur, President of PC Transport Systems. - We have experience in the operational fulfillment of contractual obligations - last year in three months we produced 21 trams for St. Petersburg. This achievement was included in the Russian and European Book of Records. Ulyanovsk is a very close city for our company, because it was here in December 2015 that we tested our first Admiral trolleybus - we drove autonomously over the bridge across the Volga. And today an updated version of this trolleybus is being assembled at our site in Engels for St. Petersburg, Omsk and Ivanovo. The problem of renewing the rolling stock of urban electric transport in Ulyanovsk has ripened for a long time, and I am sincerely glad that the leadership of the region has taken a firm position in resolving this issue. Today our modern low-floor single-section trams "Lion" are successfully operated in Ulan-Ude and Perm. I am sure that the residents of Ulyanovsk will be able to appreciate the comfort and safety of our products. "

Tram "Lion" (model 71-911 EM) is a compact, low-floor, single-section, four-axle tram that combines the advanced developments of PC Transport Systems. A spacious interior, wide doorways, an ergonomic interior, comfortable seats, climate control, USB sockets for charging mobile devices, and an advanced media complex make a trip on the tram pleasant and comfortable. The interior is made using aluminum alloys, which makes it the most durable and fire-safe tram in Russia. The tram car has 34 seating places, interactive control, an external video monitoring system for passenger pick-up and drop-off zones and monitoring of the traffic situation, a system of active and passive driver assistance when driving a tram car. For passengers with limited mobility, a folding ramp and a driver call button are provided. The tram is equipped with an autonomous running system and is capable of traveling at least 1.5 kilometers without being connected to a contact network. It is assumed that the new trams will go to the city route 22.


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