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PC Transport Systems presented an electric bus with dynamic charging!

On May 12, the ElectroTrans 10th international exhibition of electric transport was opened in Moscow, and PC Transport Systems (PC TS) was the official partner of the event. Within the scope of the forum, the company presented an electric bus with dynamic charging. This is a new version of Admiral trolleybus produced under No. 6281.01, the key feature whereof is the increased autonomous run.

"In accordance with the global classification, the modified Admiral trolleybus is referred to electric buses with dynamic charging, that is, the batteries replenish the energy reserve in the process of the trolleybus travel when powered from the overhead system", Felix Vinokur, the President of PC Transport Systems, comments. - "The first tests of traction batteries were performed on the first model of Admiral trolleybus in the period from November 2020 to February 2021 in the Saratov region. The key feature of the new Admiral vehicle is the possibility to disconnect from the overhead system and drive at least 12 kilometers in autonomous mode. So, we travelled from Engels to Saratov. This is an excellent solution for inter-municipal transportation or for remote urban areas without overhead systems."

For the Admiral trolleybus modiication PC Transport Systems jointly with IC Energy Systems has developed a qualitatively new domestic layout solution in the field of lithium-ion batteries. The unique traction battery is adapted to the Russian operating conditions. Due to the improvements in the currently existing best global practices, it was possible to reduce the energy storage system weight, and unlike foreign peers, the engineers managed to reduce it substantially – by 100 kilograms. This achievement, as well as the compact layout of the battery pack on the roof, made it possible to avoid a serious reduction in passenger capacity, which can be observed in Russian electric buses of other manufacturers. 

Tests of Admiral 6281.01 electric bus with dynamic charging commenced in March 2021. To reduce power consumption, optimize traction and acceleration processes, and increase travel dynamics, PC TS engineers installed an upgraded traction power circuit. Due to the integration of the advanced Russian retractor system, the process of connecting to and disconnecting from electric overhead lines takes several seconds. And if special sections on the overhead system are available, this process may be performed without participation of the driver.

"Many municipalities, as well as commercial carriers express interest in this model, since such trolleybuses need no infrastructure in the depot areas, nor do they need extra electric lines, charging stations, as in case of electric buses supplied with ultra-fast charging system. At the same time, Admiral vehicle is by 7.5 million rubles cheaper and is less expensive to maintain in operation. Presumably, Saratov will be the first city where such electric buses with dynamic charging will appear. The city, near which our Engels Electric transport plant is located, has long been in need of modern trolleybuses, inter alia, for commuting from and to Engels," Felix Vinokur summed up. 

The travel distance for the modified Admiral to run in autonomous mode depends on the road and weather conditions, as well as on the weight carried. With climate systems switched off to save a substantial amount of energy and with a maximum load carried during the tests, the electric bus travelled 20 kilometers without connecting to the overhead system. Operating temperature: from -40℃ to +40℃. Passenger carrying capacity: 85 persons.

Ergonomic bright interior, one hundred percent low floor, additional illumination of spacious accumulation areas, three wide doorways, modern multimedia complexes, USB connectors for charging mobile gadgets, as well as advanced climate control systems operating in automatic mode - all of them provide passengers with a high level of comfort. Therewith, PC Transport Systems use only environmentally friendly electric heating systems, unlike the diesel furnaces currently used in most of the Russian electric buses.

PC TS is the only manufacturer of urban electric vehicles using aluminum alloys and other non-flammable materials in the interior design. This increases the service life of internal structures and also substantially reduces the fire load of the interior.


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