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PC Transport Systems will deliver 11 nos. trams to Cherepovets

PC Transport Systems, the Russian developer and manufacturer of modern urban electric transport, demonstrated to Vadim Germanov, the Mayor of Cherepovets,  Lvyonok 71-911EM one-section completely low-floor trams which are to appear shortly in the streets of the city. The presentation was held on August 20 at the Nevsky Electric Transport Plant in St. Petersburg.

Vadim Germanov and Aleksey Kanaev, the candidate for deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Aleksandr Travin, the Director of the Electrotrans  Municipal Unitary Enterprise in Cherepovets, examined the assembling and testing process of the new rolling stock, including testing of all systems under high voltage, leak test in the sprinkler chamber, and also personally evaluated the quality of the tram journey along the break-in line.

As the successful bidder of the tender, PC Transport Systems will deliver 11 nos. Lvyonok low-floor trams to Cherepovets, and this delivery is to become a new stage in the development of the city transport system. The Vologda Region obtained funding to purchase the new trams for the city from the federal budget within the scope of participation in the Clean Air subproject of the Ecology national project. The trams are expected to be shipped to the customer shortly.

"This is a landmark event for Cherepovets," Vadim Germanov, the City Mayor, said. - "The tram has become one of the symbols of our city and today a new page in the history of the development of this type of transport is opened. In the nearest future the residents of Cherepovets will see new, modern, comfortable tram cars in the streets of the city. We stay hoping that in the future, due to participation in the Clean Air subproject, Cherepovets will continue renewing the public transport rolling stock."

 "The administration of Cherepovets city expressed a high level of trust in us and selected our products, which are unrivalled among our peers in the Russian market in terms of quality, comfort and safety", – Felix Vinokur, the President of PC Transport Systems said. – "Lvyonok trams are already successfully operated in five Russian cities: Ulan-Ude, Perm, Ulyanovsk, Izhevsk and Moscow. We are confident that the new trams will give a momentum for development of the city public transport system and will bring it to a new qualitative level."

Lvyonok 71-911EM tram is a completely low-floor single-section model. The heart of the tram is a unique low-floor pivoting bogie designed and produced by PC Transport Systems. It enabled to build the world's first completely low-floor single-section tram car.

In terms of comfort, Lvyonok tram can easily compete with a private car. A bright, spacious and ergonomic interior, 40 nos. comfortable console-type seats, USB connectors for charging mobile devices, advanced media complex. The climate control system maintains cool air condition in hot days of summer and warm air condition in cold season.    The interior is designed with the use of aluminum alloys to make it durable and fireproof.

The completely low-floor design of the tram and the wide doorways substantially accelerate passenger flow at stops. This enables the developers to reduce the time of tram travel along the route and substantially increase the tram operational efficiency. The installed passive safety system enables minimizing risks of injury to the driver and passengers, as well as reducing the damage to equipment in the event of emergency collision. The tram is also equipped with the autonomous run system and can travel to a distance of up to 1 km without connection to the overhead system.

In addition, the tram has active and passive driver assistance systems operating in the process of driving, outdoor video monitoring system used to monitor the passengers loading and unloading areas and the traffic. There is a folding ramp, a zone for attaching a wheelchair with a driver's call button for passengers with limited mobility.

Currently, 15 nos. Lvyonok trams are successfully operated in Ulan-Ude, 23 nos. trams - in Perm, 29 nos. trams - in Ulyanovsk, 16 nos. trams in - Izhevsk, and 40 nos. trams - in Moscow.


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